Announcing the Aquaponics Academy Podcast

As you know, we’ve been striving for years to give you the world’s highest quality information on aquaponics.

Not just because we have fallen in love with our online community (you), but also because there is SO MUCH CRAP out there on aquaponics as a growing technique.

One of our core principles is to cut through the clutter and the mysticism behind what aquaponics is, how it’s used effectively to grow food and what it takes to create a beautiful, scalable and reliable aquaponics system.

So far, we’ve given you:

That’s a good start, to say the least!

But we’re on a roll, and there’s no way that we’re stopping there…

Aquaponics Knowledge in a New Format

Aquaponics Podcast

After months of planning and recording, we’ve done it.

We’ve created a value-packed series of audio recordings chocked full of clear and concise information on all things aquaponics, from system design to the biology of the fish and plants, to the chemical needs of the system.

This week, we are proud to introduce you to another form of great information: the Aquaponics Academy podcasts.

When Videos Aren’t So Convenient

We know that some of our information is best viewed through the lens of a camera, but we wanted to make it easy to learn the ins and outs of aquaponics when you’re driving your car or when you’re out working in your greenhouse.

This podcast makes that possible.

So whether it’s during your daily commute, while you workout, or during your kids’ nap time, these podcasts are for you, aquaponics enthusiast.

Learn aquaponics from the world’s leading aquaponic expert, Dr. Nate Storey.

UPDATE: The First Episode is Live!

Doctor Who?

Almost a decade ago, Nate Storey wanted to help farmers live better and give everyone an opportunity to eat healthier, fresher food. In spite of skepticism and disbelief from the leaders in the agricultural field, as well as meager financial resources, Nate Storey not only pursued a doctoral degree, he also started a business to bring this vision into reality.

In 2012, he became Dr. Storey and soon CEO of Bright Agrotech where he designs the most productive hydroponic and aquaponic growing equipment in the world.

It took years of long days and sleepless nights, but the reward has been great. Now he’s sharing his accumulated aquaponics knowledge and farming wisdom with any aspiring growers. It’s a food future that you get to take part in.

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