Ask Dr. Nate Episode 12: Lighting for Vertical Farms

In the final episode of Ask the Doc, Dr. Nate addresses questions about lighting for vertical farms.

Although this is the last episode of Ask the Doc, our team continues to answer questions and produce helpful resources for you.


  • 0:01 – Why Ask the Doc is coming to an end
  • 1:17 – Overhead vs vertical lighting
  • 2:01 – Moving lighting on a track
  • 3:15 – Is there anything wrong with an extended light cycle?
  • 5:37 – Still have questions? Join Upstart University, a vertical farming training program.

Show Links:

upstart university

Upstart University is a start-to-finish training program that guides beginners through the process of planning, building, and operating their own vertical farm. Check it out here.

Thanks for tuning in.

Although Ask the Doc is ending for now, we’re still happy to answer your questions. Learn more about vertical farming, hydroponics, and aquaponics on our site, or take courses at Upstart University.

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