Ask Dr. Nate Episode 7: Seeds, Cold Weather Greenhouses, and Mildew

Ask Dr. Nate Episode #7: Seeds, Cold-weather Greenhouses, and Mildew

Today, Nate and Noah sit on buckets and answer questions about seeds, greenhouse plastic, and more from our aquaponic greenhouse.

Time stamps:

  • 0:36 – Should I use grow lights in my greenhouse?
  • 1:39 – How to clean your fish tank and fish stress
  • 3:15 – Purchasing vs. saving seeds, and the joys of heirloom seeds
  • 6:15 – Cold Weather Greenhouses- getting a material that will hold up
  • 8:21 – Mildew and mold… what to do? What to do?!
  • 10:03 – Next time: the nitty gritties of RO filters

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