[Live Event No. 3] – Economics of Indoor Crop Production: Operating Expenses

Operating Expenses of Indoor Growing

Labor, packaging and lighting costs

How much can one person grow? How much does energy and lighting cost?

It can be hard to plan your indoor farm without some insight into these costs. If you missed the live event, we have you covered!Check out the video recap below, and be sure to stay tuned for future live streams to keep up to date on the latest news and conversations in indoor agriculture!

1:00 – Discussion on pricing your produce
7:00 – What are the two biggest ongoing expenses for indoor growers?
9:25 – How much can one person grow?
13:57 – How long does it take for one person to plant 2,000 seeds?
15:30 – How many seeds can we fit on a seedling rack?
16:45 – How long does it take for one person to transplant 2,000 seeds into a ZipGrow Tower?
19:30 – So I’ve got 800 towers on a regular weekly crop turn. How much is this crop worth, on average?
20:50 – How much lighting and energy does it require to bring 800 ZipGrow Towers to harvest?
29:48 – What is the footprint (sq ft) of a system with 800 ZipGrow Towers?
32:49 – We’ve put in about 22 hours a week getting the crops in, and bringing them to harvest. Now you wake up on harvest day. How much does it cost to harvest and package the produce for delivery?
34:50 – How much lettuce will a restaurant go through in a week? Do you recommend delivery on the same day of harvest, or do you recommend cool storage and next day delivery?
35:43 – This harvest is about 640 pounds on a weekly basis. How much lettuce or leafy greens does a restaurant go through in a week?
39:50 – Do you have any experience with plasma lighting?
41:30 – How long of a dark period (lights off) do you need before you harvest the crop?
43:47 – How long can freshly harvested crop be in transport before losing quality? And should I consider using a distributor to get the produce to market?

Curious about startup costs?

Many folks are wondering how much it costs to start up an indoor growing facility. We work with dozens of indoor growing projects, and we are sharing the nitty gritty on equipment and lighting costs.If you are curious about capital expenses for an indoor farm, don’t miss next week’s live event.

Tune in for a live conversation.

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