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We’re building a fresh new experience for Cornwall SD&G.
Now selling at the Cornwall Kinsmen Farmers Market
Sunday’s 11am – 3pm.

Glengarry Greens

Local, Nutritious, Delicious.

About Us

We’re serving up local, nutritious, and delicious leafy greens, herbs, and edible flowers to the community of Cornwall SDG & A – all year round.

No pesticides or long food miles here; our produce is nutrient-dense, sustainably grown, and packed with flavor. We’ll even let you try before you buy.

Taste the difference that local makes.

Our Vision

To shorten food miles for residents of SD&G whilst introducing them to the benefits of hydroponically grown food.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize how we feed ourselves. We do this through sustainably growing high quality fresh, healthy leafy greens and herbs grown hydroponically and locally.

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fresh heads of lettuce


Using greens and herbs you get from Glengarry Greens, our recipes are easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions to ensure your cooking experience is smooth and stress-free. 

Spinach Mint Rice

This flavorful Spinach Rice is packed with warm spices and fresh vegetables for a dish everyone will enjoy!
bowl of tomato salad with basil

Tomato Salad with Basil

Tasty and easy, tomato basil salad is a perfect refreshing dish for the summertime.
fresh spring salad

Spring Salad

Using live lettuce and fresh mint, this spring salad recipe is light and refreshing, perfectly for the season.
asparagus, basil, pasta with pesto in a bowl

Spring Pasta with Asparagus & Peas

With fresh basil, this spring pasta is the perfect way to welcome warmer weather.


Keep your greens fresh with a few tips

fresh spring mix in a container

Put Your Greens in a Container with Paper Towels

The hard sides of the container really protect the greens from getting moved around or crushed like they would be in bags, and the paper towels help to absorb the excess moisture.
hands holding freshly washed lettuce

Wash Before You Store Them

Submerge the greens in a bowl of cold water (you may need to do this a few times if they are very dirty), then gently lift and dry in a salad spinner. Make sure the greens are very dry — excess water will shorten their shelf life.