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The Aquaponic Cheat Sheet

Aquaponic growing is a complicated venture. There are so many things to track and so many numbers to remember.

Have you found yourself wracking your brain in your aquaponic farm trying to think of the correct pH or nutrient levels you need? Or the next step in cycling your system? We know your pain! That’s why we created this quick reference, cheat sheet. You can access it right from your phone, iPad, or even print it and hang it up as a poster right in your farm.

This detailed and highly-visual, quick reference guide will help you stay on point in your aquaponic farm.

In this guide:

  • Recommended nutrient concentrations
  • Recommended pH ranges and when/how to raise/lower it
  • Don’t-do-this
  • Fish feed calculation & recommended feeds
  • Stocking density ratio
  • How to do fishless cycling
  • Cycling with fish

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