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The Hydroponic Cheat Sheet

In a hydroponic system, you are responsible for providing all of the nutrients to your plants through nutrient solutions and supplements. The rules and strategies for doing this effectively can be quite a lot to remember!

Imagine having information about the necessary inputs, what to monitor, and what not to do, ready at a glance! That’s what this Hydroponic Cheat Sheet will do for you!

This cheat sheet provides the following quick-reference information in a simple, visual format:

  • Basic rules for nutrients & water quality
  • Supplements
  • How to a system flush by volume
  • How to do a system flush by time
  • Recommended pH ranges for popular crops
  • Recommended EC ranges, light and temperature for crops
  • and much more!

These are a list of guidelines that will help you run your system. But, every system is different based on type, grower, inputs, and crops. Keep that in mind as you use this handy dandy hydroponic reference guide!

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