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The New Farmer’s Guide to Finding Your Customers

The#1 Piece Of Advice From Established Farmers: “Know Your Market And Know Your Customers.” 

Many farmers have found success just by starting to grow their veggies and speaking with interested buyers.

But when you have a greenhouse or larger project in mind, it pays to have a strong market study in hand that can be used to support your business plan or loan application. This guide will help you understand your markets and find your customers.

This ebook includes the following:

  • How to test your market with samples
  • Advantages & challenges of “easy” markets (friends, neighbors, CSAs, specialty cafes and restaurants, farmers’ markets, and food coops).
  • Advantages & challenges of “harder” markets (large, high-volume restaurants, institutions like schools and military bases, grocery stores, and food distribution services).
  • A Buyer’s Intent Survey
  • Sample documents: research handouts and recording documents.

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