Introducing: The ZipGarden™

Already established as a leader in vertical growing systems for commercial use, ZipGrow Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their newest in-home product, the ZipGarden, which brings cutting edge hydroponic technology into homes, schools and community spaces. 

The ZipGrow™ ZipGarden™ is a small hydroponic system powered by our patented ZipGrow™ Towers. No matter your climate, growing experience or housing situation, The ZipGarden™ bears abundant harvest for many varieties of leafy greens and herbs. By recirculating water and nutrients, this system brings to life any home, business or classroom while providing a delicious sustainable product.

“While having a sleek design, the ZipGarden isn’t just a shiny new appliance that takes up space with no benefit. The ZipGarden is like having a 10 by 10 plot of land that you can get nine harvests a year from. From leafy greens and herbs to strawberries and tomatoes, the ZipGarden is a great option for apartments, families, staff lunch rooms and schools.”

Eric Lang President, ZipGrow Inc.

President, ZipGrow Inc.The ZipGarden is designed to be easy to use, and completely self contained. The base of the ZipGarden™ houses a small reservoir which contains all of the water and nutrients essential for your plants. An ultra-quiet pump circulates the solution to the top of the Towers, letting gravity distribute the mixture to the plants’ roots before returning to the reservoir and restarting the cycle. 

Every ZipGarden™ is shipped right to your door and includes everything you need to start growing right away.

What’s Included:

  • ZipGarden™ Cabinet (Mix of Powder-Coated Steel and Water resistant Panels.)
  • 3 – 4’ ZipGrow™ Towers with Matrix Media and Wicking Strips
  • Built-in Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights
  • Recirculating Irrigation System with Aerated Reservoir
  • Mini Nursery Seedling Station
  • Miscellaneous Hardware 

The ZipGarden™ is currently available to order, with the first units being shipped in November 2021. The first 100 customers will receive a year’s supply of nutrients, seeds, Flexi-Plugs and free shipping to the Continental United States and Canada (remote locations excluded).

Visit our website for more information.

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