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In 2014 when we founded this company, food security was one of our main motivators. We felt that our food supply relied far too much on food miles instead of local food production and that technology could help shift this.

As we evolved over the years, into what is now ZipGrow Inc. (a company of 22 people committed to helping solve food security issues around the world), we quickly realized that this was a global problem and not just isolated to our own area.

In the past years we have seen people reach out to us from almost every country on earth – including small Pacific Islands, large urban centres and small-town America. Food security is a global issue and this current pandemic is showing that more and more people are willing to join that conversation.

The farms we build are capable of growing fresh greens all-year round in a simple, modular setup that is meant for commercial growers. It is a large investment and requires a strong customer supply chain to manage. We have over 50 farms around the world producing food and eliminating food miles while helping improve food security in their regions. 

We also have a product that allows people to grow food right in their own home; The FarmWall. There is nothing more food secure than growing fresh vegetables right in your home!

The FarmWall (four-tower) is capable of growing 12 heads of lettuce per week, or 64 oz. of kale per week, or a variety of greens of your preference. It was designed to fit on any wall and doesn’t take much to operate; you just have to add nutrients and water.

With that said, we have decided to discount our pricing on FarmWalls (until April 27th, 2020) across the board so that more people can access this product. We have thought long and hard about how ZipGrow can help during these times, and building large commercial farms is only one way we can make an impact. FarmWalls can have you eating your own fresh greens in just a few weeks from now, without needing to leave your home.

As of today, our FarmWall product is going to be sold slightly above margin so that we can keep our 22 staff employed and people can get their hands on a technology that can make them more food secure.

We know these are unsettling times for many and we are trying to do our part to help.

Stay safe

Eric Lang and Eric Bergeron

Co-Founders of ZipGrow Inc.

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