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ZipGrow™ Educational Products:
Inspiring future generations of farmers.

Our hydroponic systems can be found at colleges, universities and Kindergarten – grade 12 schools across the world. Yes, even a kinder can use these systems!


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Farm Wall™

Foster plant growth with the ZipGrow™ Farm Wall™. This wall-mounted system can grow a healthy variety of leafy greens, herbs and fruiting crops.

zipgrow education rack in a school hallway

Education Rack

The free-standing ZipGrow Eduction Rack has been designed to allow teachers and students to grow leafy greens and herbs hydroponically inside their classroom.

zipgrow zipgarden system in a classroom


The beautifully crafted ZipGarden was designed to take up a small footprint, while maximizing crop yields per square foot. This system is perfect to integrate into any classroom setting.

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