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FarmWall Products: Farm to Fork Fresh Made Easy.

The ZipGrow™ Farm Wall™ is the ultimate vertical hydroponic grow system that can be used both indoors and out. Harness the power of the sun or our bright grow lights while saving 90-95% of the water compared to traditional growing.

DIY Bundle – 2 4-Tower Farm Wall with 25 Gallon Reservoir

Original price was: USD 1,750.00 – USD 1,950.00.Current price is: USD 1,349.00 – USD 1,549.00.

Nearly New 5′ ZipGrow™ Tower

Original price was: USD 74.99.Current price is: USD 37.49.

Farm Wall mounted on a wall without gutters.

ZipGrow™ Farm Wall (Without ZipGrow™ Towers)

USD 279.99USD 339.99 (USD)

mock-up photo of a 4 tower farm wall.

Home Grower Kit

USD 999.00 (USD)

ZipGrow FarmWall growing plants outside.

8-Tower Farm Wall™

USD 999.99USD 1,859.99 (USD)

5′ ZipGrow™ Tower (4-Pack)

USD 290.00USD 294.00 (USD)

5′ ZipGrow™ Tower

USD 74.99USD 75.99 (USD)

mock up of an 4-Tower Farm Wall

4-Tower Farm Wall™

USD 699.99USD 1,129.99 (USD)

A 2-Tower Farm Wall up against a green wall.

2-Tower Farm Wall™

USD 499.99USD 714.99 (USD)

Complete Seedling Kit

Get Started Today with Everything You Need for Growing!

Having trouble finding supplies in the middle of winter? Want to simplify your growing process? 

The Seedling Kit comes with everything you need to grow healthy seedlings.

Parts And Supplies: Shop our Catalogue

To support your growing needs, we’ve partnered with the best in the industry for ancillary equipment, nutrients, growing media and more that pair seamlessly with ZipGrow™ Tower systems and provide you with the most optimal conditions possible for your plants.

2-Tower Farm Wall Consumable Kit

USD 11.30USD 29.10 (USD)

4-Tower Farm Wall Consumable Kit

USD 14.20USD 36.00 (USD)

8-Tower Farm Wall & Single-Sided Education Rack Consumable Kit

USD 25.99USD 63.00 (USD)

Double-Sided Education Rack Consumable Kit

USD 48.00USD 108.99 (USD)

ZipGrow A&B nutrient pack

A+B ZipGarden Nutrients

USD 5.99USD 17.99 (USD) or from Original price was: USD 5.99 – USD 17.99.Current price is: USD 5.99 – USD 17.99. / month

Calcinit Calcium Nitrate Nutrient solution in a branded bag

YaraLive CalciNit – Calcium Nitrate (15.5-0-0) -25Kg

USD 97.99 (USD) or Original price was: USD 97.99.Current price is: USD 88.19. (USD) / month for 6 months

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