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Controllers and Timers

Shop Controllers and Timers Catalogue

IntelliDose by AutoGrow

USD 1,499.99 (USD)

IntelliClimate by AutoGrow

USD 2,199.95 (USD)

EC Mini Controller Kit

USD 439.00USD 757.00 (USD)

Drip Emitter, 2 Gallons-Per-Hour Pressure Compensating

USD 0.40USD 160.00 (USD)

Commercial Drip Emitter

USD 0.80USD 320.00 (USD)

Autopilot Analog Grounded Timer, 1725W, 15A, 15 Minute On/Off, 24 Hour

USD 13.23 (USD)

ATOM Universal Grow Room Environment Controller

USD 3,999.00 (USD)

Atom 1 year Cloud License

USD 120.00USD 599.00 (USD)