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Tower Maintenance

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ZipGrow™ Wicking Strip

USD 0.99USD 447.75 (USD)

ZipGrow™ Media Pulling Hook

USD 29.99 (USD)

ZipGrow™ Farm Wall LED, T5 Light Mounting Kit

USD 89.99 (USD)

ZipGrow™ EZ Pull Matrix Media Replacement

USD 19.99USD 103.96 (USD)

ZipGrow Hanging Hook

USD 1.99 (USD)

Mounting Bracket For a ZipGrow™ Farm Wall

USD 24.99 (USD)

Matrix Media and Wicking Strip Replacement Pack for the ZipGarden™

USD 39.99 (USD)

Greenhouse Rack


End Cap for Farm Wall™

USD 4.99 (USD)

Drip Emitter, 2 Gallons-Per-Hour Pressure Compensating

USD 0.40USD 160.00 (USD)

Consumables Kit - ZipGarden

USD 19.99 (USD)

Commercial Drip Emitter

USD 0.80USD 320.00 (USD)