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ZipGarden™ Products: Easy, beautiful, productive... No Matter Your Experience.

The future is fresh with the revolutionary ZipGarden™. Its stunning design is also the perfect addition to the decor of your home. Who knew sustainability could look so good.


The ZipGarden™ is the queen of small hydroponic systems.

The ZipGarden™ is a small hydroponic system powered by our patented ZipGrow™ Towers. No matter your climate, growing experience, or housing situation, the ZipGarden™ bears an abundant harvest for many varieties of leafy greens and herbs.
Nutrients and flexiplugs included in the Consumables Kit for ZipGarden

Consumables Kit

One Month Of Supplies For Your ZipGarden™!

The consumables kit provides you with 24 FlexiPlug grow  medium and nutrients for one month of steady production of fresh, healthy greens, herbs and fruiting plants in the ZipGarden™

Complete Seedling Kit

Get Started Today with Everything You Need for Growing!

Having trouble finding supplies in the middle of winter? Want to simplify your growing process? 

The Seedling Kit comes with everything you need to grow healthy seedlings.

Parts And Supplies: Shop our Catalogue

To support your growing needs, we’ve partnered with the best in the industry for ancillary equipment, nutrients, growing media and more that pair seamlessly with ZipGrow™ Tower systems and provide you with the most optimal conditions possible for your plants.
ZipGrow A&B nutrient pack

A+B ZipGarden Nutrients

USD 5.99USD 17.99 (USD) or from Original price was: USD 5.99 – USD 17.99.Current price is: USD 5.99 – USD 17.99. / month

2 flexiplugs

Dry FlexiPlugs

USD 41.99USD 199.99 (USD) or subscribe and save 10%

mock up photo of flexiplugs


USD 37.99USD 157.99 (USD) or subscribe and save 10%

A ZipGrow™ Wicking Strip on a concrete floor.

ZipGrow™ Wicking Strip

USD 0.99USD 447.75 (USD)

Media Pulling Hook for ZipGrow Towers laying on the floor.

ZipGrow™ Media Pulling Hook

USD 29.99 (USD)

ZipGrow's Matrix Media sitting on a floor

ZipGrow™ EZ Pull Matrix Media Replacement

USD 19.99USD 103.96 (USD)

ZipGrow Nursery Kit

The Nursery

USD 8.99 (USD)

Danner, The Growers Pump sitting on the floor

The Growers Pump

USD 66.99USD 69.99 (USD)

picture of the box for the Oxy-Flo Air Pumps

Supreme Oxy-Flo Air Pumps

USD 14.99USD 31.99 (USD)

Super Sprouter Heat Mat 21'' X 10'' sitting on the floor

Super Sprouter Heat Mat 21” X 10”

USD 32.30 (USD)

Matrix Media and Wicking Strip Replacement Pack for the ZipGarden™

USD 39.99 (USD)

Hydroponic Grower’s Starter Kit on the floor with all products included

Hydroponic Grower’s Starter Kit | Beginner Bundle

USD 364.99 (USD)

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