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2740-01 Growfoam ® | Individual Seeds

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The 2740-01 Growfoam® sustainable substrate plugs offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for individual seed germination. With dimensions of 31mmx40mm, these 01-sized plugs are ideal for various crops, including head lettuce, bok choy, tomatoes, and more. Give your seeds the best start with these sustainable substrate plugs. 

Product Details

The plugs are designed to provide an optimal environment for individual seed germination. Measuring 31mm x 40mm, these 01-sized plugs offer a compact and convenient solution for starting seeds. 

These sustainable substrate plugs are suitable for a range of crops, making them versatile for different gardening needs. They are particularly well-suited for individual seed crops, allowing each seed to have its own dedicated growing space. The plugs also work effectively with pelleted seeds, ensuring proper germination and healthy seedling development. 

Whether you’re growing head lettuce, bok choy, romaine, basil, sage, kale, kohlrabi, fennel, parsley, swiss chard, collard greens, chives, peppers or tomatoes, these substrate plugs provide an excellent foundation for your plants’ growth. 

The Growfoam® plugs are made from sustainable materials, promoting eco-friendly gardening practices. They are designed to retain moisture and provide adequate aeration for optimal root development. The plugs have a balanced structure that allows roots to penetrate easily, providing plants with the necessary support for healthy growth. 

These substrate plugs are compatible with various systems, including NFT, DWC, and ebb and flow. They can also be used in traditional soil-based gardening, providing flexibility for different cultivation methods. 


Download the Growfoam®guide here.

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