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5′ ZipGrow™ Tower (100-Pack)

Manufactured by ZipGrow

USD 6,250.00USD 6,350.00 (USD)

The 5’ ZipGrow™ 100-Pack is an ideal solution for large-scale vertical farming. With 100 ZipGrow™ Towers measuring 5 feet in length, this pack provides ample growing space for commercial growers. Boost your agricultural productivity with this versatile and efficient vertical farming package. 


Product Details

The 5’ ZipGrow 100-PACK is a complete vertical farming package designed for large-scale cultivation. The ZipGrow™ Towers are built to last, utilizing durable and food-safe materials. The stackable design allows for efficient use of vertical space and easy scalability, enabling you to expand your farming operation as needed. 

 The pack provides a versatile solution for a wide range of crops, including leafy greens, herbs and small vegetables. It is ideal for commercial growers seeking to maximize productivity and yield within a controlled environment. 

 Each Tower is designed with a built-in wicking strip system, ensuring efficient water distribution and nutrient absorption. This promotes optimal irrigation and nutrient delivery to the plants, resulting in healthy growth and high-quality crops. 

 This pack is suitable for various growing setups, such as indoor farms, greenhouse operations, or even vertical gardens in urban settings. It offers an opportunity to optimize space and resources, while also reducing water usage. 

 Whether you’re an experienced commercial grower or venturing into large-scale vertical farming for the first time, the 5’ ZipGrow™ 100-PACK allows you to cultivate a thriving and productive agricultural system. 

This pack requires special shipping. Please telephone 1-855-947-4769 or send an email to [email protected] for a shipping quote.

 We back our tower housings with a 20 Year Grower’s Guarantee!

ZipGrow™ Matrix Media is guaranteed to last for continued, strenuous use for up to 1 year, although professional growers will tell you they typically last 3-9 years depending on crop variety and usage.

Learn more about ZipGrow™ Towers in this video

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