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5′ ZipGrow™ Tower (50-Pack)

Manufactured by ZipGrow

USD 3,250.00USD 3,300.00 (USD)

With a pack of 50 ZipGrow™ Towers measuring 5 feet in length, this pack provides ample growing space for a variety of crops. Elevate your agriculture endeavors with this comprehensive vertical farming package.

Product Details

Grow like the pros with a 50-tower pack! The pack includes a pack of 50 ZipGrow™ towers, each measuring 5 feet in length, offering ample space for cultivating a variety of crops. 

 The ZipGrow™ towers are constructed with durable and food-safe materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and a safe growing environment for your plants. 

The pack provides a versatile solution for various growing setups, including indoor farms, greenhouses or even vertical gardens in limited spaces. Whether you’re growing leafy greens, herbs or other small to medium-sized plants, this pack offers the flexibility to adapt to your specific crop requirements. 

 The towers are designed with a built-in wicking strip system that optimizes water distribution and nutrient absorption. This promotes efficient irrigation and enables plants to access the necessary water and nutrients for healthy growth.

 With the 5’ ZipGrow™ 50-PACK, you have the opportunity to create a sustainable and high-yielding vertical farming system. Expand your agricultural potential and enjoy the benefits of a controlled environment where plants can thrive. Whether you’re a commercial farmer, a gardening enthusiast or a restaurant owner seeking fresh produce, this vertical farming package empowers you to grow healthy crops year-round! 

This article will help you learn more. Each tower comes with its own set of removable and reusable ZipGrow™ Matrix Media™ – the perfect media for vertical hydroponics or aquaponics.

We back our tower housings with a 20 Year Grower’s Guarantee!
ZipGrow™ Matrix Media™ is guaranteed to last for continued, strenuous use for up to 1 year, although professional growers will tell you they typically last 3-9 years, depending on crop variety and usage.

Learn more about ZipGrow™ Towers in this video!

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