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8′ ZipGrow™ Tower (4 Pack)

Manufactured by ZipGrow

USD 350.00USD 354.00 (USD)

The 8” ZipGrowTower (4 pack) is a versatile vertical gardening system that allows you to maximize your growing space. These stackable towers are perfect for growing herbs, leafy greens and small vegetables. Experience the benefits of efficient, space-saving gardening with this high-quality tower pack.

Product Details

The 8′ ZipGrowTower (4 pack) is a dynamic vertical gardening solution that empowers you to grow a variety of plants in a compact space. Each tower measures 8 inches in diameter and comes in a set of four, offering ample room for plants to flourish. 

 The towers feature a patented design that incorporates a wicking strip, providing a consistent and controlled water supply to the plants. This irrigation system ensures optimal hydration, reducing water waste and creating a sustainable growing environment. 

 Constructed from durable, food-grade plastic, these towers are built to last and are resistant to UV rays. They can be stacked to create a vertical tower of plants, maximizing your growing space and allowing you to grow more in less area. 

 The 8′ ZipGrow™ Towers are especially well-suited for growing herbs, leafy greens, and small vegetables. The towers can be used indoors or outdoors, making them suitable for home gardens, urban farms and commercial operations. 

 With the ZipGrowTower system, you can enjoy the benefits of vertical gardening, such as improved air circulation, easy access to plants and efficient space utilization. The modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance, and the towers can be expanded or rearranged as needed! 

*** Pulling Hook Required for Use ***

Simple to use and display
Matrix Media™ and starter wicking strips are included!
Perfect for your home aquaponic or hydroponic system
ZipGrow™ towers are built to last!
We back our tower housings with a 20 Year Warranty!

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