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Clear Line | Drip System Descaler

USD 74.95USD 699.95 (USD)

Clear Line Drip System Descaler is a professional strength solution formulated with hypochlorous acid to effectively remove mineral build-up in pressure-compensating drip emitters. Ensure precise nutrient delivery, improve water quality and extend the lifespan of irrigation plumbing with this safe and cost-effective descaling solution. 

Product Details

Clear Line Drip System Descaler is a powerful solution for maintaining the performance of pressure-compensating drip emitters. It is formulated with professional-strength Hypochlorous Acid, which works effectively to reduce mineral build-up and eliminate biofilms that can hinder the precise delivery of nutrient solutions. 

By removing mineral deposits and biofilms, Clear Line Drip System Descaler helps maintain the optimal functionality of drip emitters, ensuring predictable and consistent results in nutrient delivery. This results in improved crop consistency and maximum plant uptake of essential nutrients. 

In addition to its descaling properties, this product offers several benefits to enhance the overall efficiency of your irrigation system. It improves water quality by increasing the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), which helps maintain a healthier growing environment for your plants. 

Clear Line Drip System Descaler is designed with a neutral chemistry that is compatible with all fertilizer programs, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into your existing nutrient management routine. It does not affect the pH of the nutrient solution, ensuring that your plants receive the optimal pH levels for nutrient uptake. 

Furthermore, this descaling solution is safe to use, as it is non-corrosive and non-hazardous. It provides a safer work environment for cultivation staff, eliminating the risk associated with harsh chemicals. 

Clear Line Drip System Descaler is highly concentrated, offering the lowest cost of use, making it an ideal choice for commercial-scale facilities. It provides a cost-effective solution to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your irrigation plumbing, resulting in improved return on investment (ROI) by reducing maintenance and replacement costs. 


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