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Commercial Grower

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Call to get a shipping quote: +1(855)-ZIPGROW
Requires a ~5000 square-foot room.

Product Details

Call to get a shipping quote: +1(855)-ZIPGROW
Requires a ~5000 square-foot room.


4 – Light Rack with Single Sided LED’s and Double Sided LEDs

The ZipGrow™ Light Rack is essential to any successful ZipFarm™ enabling the LED lights to hang vertically between a row of ZipRacks. Each steel framed Light Rack contains 24 Single Sided LED Lights, a 22 Double Sided LED Lights along with the required LED drivers.

8 – Light Rack with Double Sided LEDs

The ZipGrow™ Light Rack is essential to any successful ZipFarm™. The double sided LED Light rack is designed for use within a row of ZipRacks. Each of these steel framed light racks contains 44 double sided LED lights, along with the required LED drivers.

66- ZipRack with 8′ ZipGrow™ Towers

The ZipRack is the core component of any ZipFarm™. These patented modular steel frame units comes with the necessary headers, gutters, drain lines, and plumbing components, as well as thirty 8′ ZipGrow™ Towers with Matrix Media™ and Wicking strips.

2 – Plumbing

Package includes a 330 gallon reservoir, pumps, filter, UV clarifier, reverse osmosis system.

10 – Seedling Starter Area with LEDs

Your Seedling Starter Area is where your seeds will begin growing. Each Area includes one steel rack, three 2′ x 4′ flood tables (enough to fit 2400 seedlings), nine 4′ LED lights, one submersible pump, one 25 gallon reservoir, one air pump, one air stone, and the necessary fittings.

66 – In Line Rack Plumbing

Each Kit includes the required fittings, return plumbing lines, and drainage pipes for one ZipRack.

24 – 12″ HAF Fans

These fans provide air flow throughout your farm.

2 – ZipGrow™ Tower Work Table

– Two (2) 72″L x 24″ W x 34″ H Heavy duty 430 Stainless steel work tables -NSF listed with stainless steel tower holder attachment designed to hold a ZipGrow™ tower in place while you harvest, plant or clean the tower.


*Does not include shipping or installation. For more information and a personalized quote, please call 855-947-4769 or email [email protected]. All pricing is in USD.

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