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Complete Seedling Kit

Manufactured by ZipGrow

USD 99.99 (USD)

The complete seedling kit provides everything you need for successful seedling propagation. This comprehensive kit includes trays, domes, FlexiPlugs, LED light and a light stand. Elevate your gardening experience with this all-in-one seedling kit.

Product Details

The Complete Seedling Kit offers a complete solution for successful seedling propagation. This kit includes all the essential components needed to establish a thriving seedling nursery. 

 The kit features a 200-count propagation tray with a 1.75” cell depth, providing ample space for a large number of seedlings. The tray is accompanied by a plastic clear dome and germination tray, creating a controlled and protected environment for germination and early growth. 

 The kit includes 200 FlexiPlugs measuring 1.75” x 0.9” to support healthy root development. These FlexiPlugs serve as a reliable and nutrient-rich growing medium, offering excellent moisture retention and providing optimal support for young plants. 

 This kit also includes a 24” LED light with an adjustable stand. The LED light emits the ideal spectrum and intensity of light necessary for robust seedling growth. The 6’ grounded cord with an on/off switch ensures convenient operation and safety. 

 The kit’s 2’ light stand offers stable and adjustable support for the LED light, allowing you to position it at the ideal height for optimal light distribution to the seedlings. 

 With the Complete Seedling Kit, your seedlings receive the right environment, lighting and support from the start. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, this all-in-one seedling kit provides a convenient and reliable solution. 

 This Seedling Kit Includes:

  •       1 x 200 Count Propagation Tray, 1.75″ cell depth
  •       1 x Plastics Clear Dome, 21.5″ x 11″
  •       1 x Plastics Germination Tray, 21.5″ x 11″
  •       200 x 1.75″ x 0.9″ FlexiPlugs
  •       1 x 24″ LED Light
  •       1 x 6′ grounded cord with on/off switch
  •       1 x 2′ Light Stand


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