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Green Breeze HAF Fan 12″

USD 220.73 (USD)

Experience powerful airflow and efficient cooling with the Green Breeze HAF fan 12. This fan features variable speed motors, corrosion-resistant guards, and a convenient mounting bracket. Enjoy a refreshing breeze while eliminating hot and cold spots, making it perfect for greenhouse and indoor use.

Product Details

The Green Breeze HAF Fan 12 is designed to provide optimal air circulation and efficient cooling in various environments. Whether you need to maintain a comfortable temperature in a greenhouse or eliminate hot and cold spots indoors, this fan is the perfect solution. 

Featuring variable speed motors, the Green Breeze HAF Fan 12 allows you to adjust the fan speed according to your needs. It provides year-round air circulation, ensuring a consistent airflow that helps maintain a comfortable environment regardless of the season. Please note that a separate variable speed control is required to adjust the fan speed. 

With its hot dip galvanized mounting bracket, u-bolts and hardware, this fan offers easy installation and secure mounting. The bracket mounts directly to the motor’s yoke, minimizing vibration and ensuring smooth operation. The fan ships are completely assembled saving you time and effort during installation. 

The Green Breeze HAF Fan 12 features a patented Open Front Guard, which cuts down on maintenance time and costs. The guard is corrosion-resistant and powder coated in white, providing durability and longevity. The fan’s tapered side guard creates a tight air pattern, allowing it to throw air much farther than conventional basket fans, effectively reaching every corner of the space. 

Equipped with a 10-foot cord pre-wired for 115 Volts and a 3-prong plug, this fan offers easy connectivity and convenient power supply. The fans of totally enclosed, maintenance-free, high-efficiency motors have completely sealed ball bearings, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. These motors are UL and CUL recognized and are covered by a Two-Year Warranty for added peace of mind. 

The Green Breeze HAF Fan 12 can also be used in conjunction with misting/fogging product lines to further enhance its functionally. By reducing temperature and increasing humidity, it helps create an optimal environment for plants, making it suitable for greenhouse applications. 


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