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Hanna HI 7031L EC Solution 1413 µS / CM 500 ML

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The Hanna HI 7031L EC Solution 1413 µS / CM 500ML  is a high-quality conductivity calibration solution for accurate measurements in your hydroponic system. This solution ensures precise and reliable readings, allowing you to maintain optimal nutrient concentrations and promote healthy plant growth.

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Product Details

The Hanna HI 7031L EC Solution 1413 µS / CM 500ML is a trusted and precise conductivity calibration solution designed for hydroponic applications. Conductivity measurements are essential for monitoring nutrient concentrations in your hydroponic system, and accurate calibration Is crucial for reliable results. 

This solution has a conductivity value of 1413 µS / cm, making it suitable for calibration in a wide range of hydroponic setups. By calibrating your conductivity meter with this solution, you can ensure accurate readings of nutrient levels, helping you maintain optimal conditions for plant growth. 

The 500ml bottle provides a solution for multiple calibrations, ensuring you have a sufficient quantity for regular maintenance. The solution is ready to use, eliminating the need for additional preparation. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and immerse the conductivity probe into the solution to calibrate the meter. 

Regular calibration with Hanna HI 7031L EC Solution helps you maintain precise control over nutrient concentrations in your hydroponic system. This enables you to fine-tune your nutrient solution, ensuring that plants receive the appropriate levels of essential elements for healthy growth. 

Trust this high-quality calibration solution to support your quest for thriving and strong plants in your hydroponic garden. 

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