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IntelliClimate by AutoGrow

USD 2,199.95 (USD)

The IntelliClimate is still the industry leading indoor climate controller… 7 years running!

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IntelliClimate by AutoGrow

Automatically manage all aspects of your climate, from temperature to CO2, lighting to humidity in one simple controller!


The IntelliClimate is still the industry leading indoor climate controller… 7 years running! No other controller on the market give you this much accuracy, efficiency and commercial grade control. The IntelliClimate is not for “hobby” growers – it was designed with the serious grower in mind. Here are a few of the many features:

Super easy to use!

The large, interactive screen allows you to easily maneuver between set points, configuration, alarms, statistics and more. Easy to read instructions talk you through each step with ease.

It controls everything!

Multiple fan banks, air conditioner, heater, CO2, dehumidifier, humidifier or pulsed fogger, multiple light banks, outside temperature sensor (optional) and intruder alarm. Working as a complete climate controller, the IntelliClimate will utilize every peripheral you have to maintain your exact climate needs… outside air too warm to cool the room down? Turn off the intake fans and switch to AC! The IntelliClimate is constantly evaluating and making decisions based on current attributes of the growing area.

Connect with or without a PC!

The IntellClimate has the ability to be connected to a PC, but it is not necessary. Growers should determine their own privacy level… if you don’t want your controller online or connected to a PC, it doesn’t need to be. If you want to have the benefits of data logging and scheduling, the PC is needed, but it does not have to be online. If you would like remote access and alarms, simply connecting the PC to the internet will give you this option… you choose your own comfort level!

Set your schedule once and forget it!

Using the IntelliGrow software, you can set your entire schedule up in one fell swoop, making changes if needed and saving schedules for future use. Change your lights, adjust your CO2… all automatically.

Data log ’til your heart’s content!

Using the IntelliGrow software, you can data log everything! You can keep track of each attribute (temperature, CO2, light levels, humidity… to name a few!). You can also keep track of each of the functions: cooling, AC, CO2 targets, and more. Anything the unit controls and monitors can be data logged. This data can be exported to Excel for further analysis if you so desire.

Access from the beach (or your couch!)!

With the IntelliGrow software installed, there are many different options for remotely accessing your IntelliClimate. You can log into the software and make changes, check your set points, enable or disable peripherals, etc. With a Twilio account, or your email accounts, you can have the IntelliGrow software text or email you if a setting goes outside your perimeters.

More features:

  • Built in failsafes to ensure the room will continue to function if there is an equipment failure
  • Alarms on all the settings, as well as an intruder alarm
  • Preinstalled growth stage schedules, if desired
  • Back up to your hard drive to save all settings and history in case of failure
  • Daily CO2 and Light Integration stats


  • 8 outputs 24VDC
  • Temperature resolution and accuracy 1C/2F
  • Temperature range 0-50C/32-125F
  • Operating temperature range 0-50C/32-125F (not in direct sunlight)
  • Power source – mains supplied 24VDC with 120V pigtail… specify if mains voltage and pin type vary
  • Outputs will have the same voltage as the supplied voltage from the power pack
  • Supplied with 3m USB cable
  • Free download of IntelliGrow software

In The Box:

  • IntelliClimate
  • 24V DC 2.5A Power Supply with universal plug
  • EnviroSensor (Temperature, Humidity, Light, CO2)
  • 3m USB cable
  • Magnetic Door Switch
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instruction manual


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855-947-4769 or email [email protected]

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