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IntelliClimate by AutoGrow

USD 2,199.95 (USD)

Experience intelligent climate control with IntelliClimate by AutoGrow. Packed with advanced features like a failsafe, alarms, preinstalled growth stage schedules, and data backup, this system ensures optimal environmental conditions for your indoor growing space. Achieve precision control and maximize yields with IntelliClimate.

Product Details

Introducing IntelliClimate by AutoGrow, the cutting-edge solution for intelligent climate control in indoor growing environments. This state-of-the-art system is designed to provide growers with precise control over temperature, humidity, light and CO2 levels, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth and maximizing yields. 

IntelliClimate comes equipped with an array of advanced features to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your indoor cultivation. Built-in failsafes guarantee that your grow room will continue to friction even in equipment failure, minimizing disruptions and alerts to any deviations from the desired parameters, enabling prompt intervention and troubleshooting. 

With daily CO2 and Light Integration stats, intelliClimate provides valuable insights into the environmental conditions and helps fine-tune your cultivation strategies for optimal results. 

The system boasts 8 outputs operating at 24VDC, offering versatile control options for various devices and peripherals. The temperature resolution accuracy of 1°C/2°F ensures precise climate control, while the temperature range of 0-50°C/32-125°F accommodates a wide range of cultivation needs. 

IntelliClimate is powered by a mains-supplied 24VDC with a 120V pigtail, making it compatible with different mains voltages and pin types. The system includes a 3m USB cable for a seamless connectivity and comes with a free download of the IntelliGrow software for intuitive control monitoring. 

The package includes IntelliClimate, a 24V DC2.5A power supply with a universal plug, an EnviroSensor for temperature, humidity, light and CO2 measurements, a magnetic door switch for security, mounting hardware for easy installation and an instruction manual for quick setup and operation. 


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