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1000 sq/ft Full bundle.

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1000 sq/ft Full bundle

2 – Light Rack with Single Sided & Double Sided LEDs

The ZipGrow™ Light Rack is essential to any successful ZipFarm™. The Single and Double Sided LED Light Rack is designed for use at the end of each row of ZipRacks. Each of these steel framed Light Racks contains 12 single sided LED lights and 12 double sided leg lights, along with the required LED drivers.

1 – Light Rack with Double Sided LEDs

The ZipGrow™ Light Rack is essential to any successful ZipFarm™. The double sided LED Light rack is designed for use within a row of ZipRacks. Each of these steel framed light racks contains 24 double sided LED lights, along with the required LED drivers.

15 – ZipRack with 8′ ZipGrow™ Towers

The ZipRack is the core component of any ZipFarm™. These patented modular steel frame units comes with the necessary headers, gutters, drain lines, and plumbing components, as well as thirty 8′ ZipGrow™ Towers with Matrix Media™, Wicking strips and the required fitting, return plumbing lines, and drainage pipes for one ZipRack.

1 – Farm Management Control System

This is the brain of your farm. Your Farm Management Control System is where you will input all your growing parameters: nutrients, lighting, and climate. The ATOM Integrated Controller is paired with its nutrient dosing system and environmental sensor, and also gives you a bonus one year free cloud access.

1 – Plumbing with Atom Dosing Controller

Package includes a 330 gallon reservoir, pumps, filter, UV clarifier, reverse osmosis system, Atom Dosing controller.

2 – Seedling Starter Area with LEDs

Your Seedling Starter Area is where your seeds will begin growing. Each Area includes one steel rack, three 2′ x 4′ flood tables (enough to fit 2400 seedlings), nine 4′ LED lights, one submersible pump, one 25 gallon reservoir, one air pump, one air stone, and the necessary fittings.

1 -12 Shelf Germination Chamber

The Phytotronics Germination Chamber was designed by horticulturalists with all the features needed to successfully germinate your valuable seeds. Our customers tell us that there is no better way to be successful with their germination challenges than the Phytotronics Germination Chamber.

1 – ZipGrow™ Tower Work Table

– Two (2) 72″L x 24″ W x 34″ H Heavy duty 430 Stainless steel work tables -NSF listed.

– Stainless steel tower holder attachment designed to hold a ZipGrow™ tower in place while you harvest, plant or clean the tower.

*Price does not include shipping or installation. For more information, please call 855-947-4769 or email [email protected] All pricing is in USD.

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