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Seedling Plug Tray for FlexiPlugs

USD 2.99USD 35.88 (USD)

Effortlessly start your seeds with the seedling Plug tray for FlexiPlugs. With 200 spaces, this tray simplifies the process of transplanting seedlings to your ZipGrow towers. Pair it with a germination flat and humidity dome for optimal results.

Product Details

The Seedling Plug Tray for FlexiPlugs is a must-have for seamless seed starting. Designed with 200 spaces, it provides ample room for germinating your seeds and preparing them for transplanting into ZipGrow towers or other growing systems. 

Starting seeds in plug trays offers numerous advantages, including easier handling, reduced transplant shock and improved overall plant health. This tray streamlines the process, making it convenient and efficient to get your seedlings ready for their next growth stage. 

For optimal germination and seedling development, we recommend using the Seedling Plug Tray in conjunction with a germination flat and a humidity dome. The germination flat provides a stable base for the tray, while the humidity dome creates a controlled environment with higher levels, promoting successful seed germination. 

The Seedling Plug Tray for FlexiPlugs is crafted from durable materials to ensure longevity and reusability. Its design allows for easy removal of individual plugs without damaging the delicate roots, facilitating smooth transplanting into your chosen growing system. 

We recommend the following items for your Seedling Plug Tray:

Germination  Flat

Humidity Dome

Configuration 10 x 20
Cell top diameter (inches) 0.88
Cell depth (inches) 1.75
Cell center to center dimension (in) 0.99 x 0.99
Max dry volume (cubic cm / cubic in) 21.10 / 1.29
Drain diameter (punched) 0.28″

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