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Seedling Tray for Growfoam Plugs – (2740-01 & 2740-03)

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The Seedling Tray for GrowFoam® Plugs (2740-01 & 2840-03) provides a convenient and organized solution for starting your seeds. With 105 spaces, this tray is designed specifically for use with 31mm GrowFoam® plugs, ensuring optimal germination and seedling growth in your gardening or hydroponic setup. 


Product Details

The Seedling tray for GrowFoam® plugs is a practical tool for starting seed and propagating plants. Designed to accommodate 31mm GrowFoam® plugs, this tray offers 105 individual spaces, providing ample room for a variety of seeds or seedlings. 

The tray features a configuration of 15 rows and 7 columns, allowing for easy organization and identification of different plant varieties. This ensures a streamlined and well-structured approach to seed starting and cultivation. Whether you’re a beginner gardener or an experienced grower, this tray offers convenience and efficiency in managing your seedlings. 

Made from durable and lightweight materials, the seedling Tray is sturdy enough to withstand regular use while being easy to handle and transport. The Trays design promotes proper drainage and airflow, creating a healthy environment for seedling development. It is also compatible with standard nursery trays, making it easy to integrate into your existing gardening system. 

Using the seedling tray for GrowFoam® Plugs is straightforward. Simply place your 31mm Growfoam plugs into each individual space, ensuring proper alignment and spacing. The tray can be used with various types of seeds or seedlings, allowing for versatility in your gardening projects. 


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Seedling Tray for Growfoam Plugs – (2740-01 & 2740-03)

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