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Supreme Oxy-Flo Air Pumps

USD 14.99USD 31.99 (USD)

Supreme Oxygen-Flo Air Pumps are powerful and reliable devices that provide essential oxygenation to your hydroponic system. Enhance nutrient uptake, promote health root development and boost overall plant growth with these air pumps. 


Product Details

These Oxy-Flo Air Pumps are designed to deliver efficient and consistent aeration to your hydroponic system, ensuring optimal oxygen levels for plant roots. They are suitable for various applications, including nutrient reservoirs, DWC systems, and aquariums. 

With their advanced technology, these air pumps provide reliable and long-lasting performance. The high-quality components and materials used in their manufacturing ensure durability and efficient operation, even in demanding environments. 

These air pumps are easy to install and operate, featuring a quiet and low-vibration design. The noise-reducing construction ensures a peaceful and undisturbed environment, making them suitable for indoor gardening setups. Proper oxygenation enhances nutrient absorption, improves plant metabolism and strengthens the overall health of your plants. 

Additionally, the Supreme Oxy-Flo Air Pumps are energy-efficient, consuming minimal electricity while providing maximum oxygenation. This makes them an eco-friendly choice for hydroponic growers, minimizing energy costs and environmental impact. 


Download the manual here.

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