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Manufactured by ZipGrow

USD 1,399.00 (USD)

The ZipGarden is a complete and compact hydroponic system that brings the joy of gardening indoors. Grow a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers all year round with this user-friendly system. Experience the convenience of homegrown produce with ZipGarden™.

Product Details

The ZipGarden is an all-in-one hydroponic system designed for indoor gardening enthusiasts. This compact and efficient system allows you to grow a wide range of plants, from fresh herbs and leafy greens to vibrant flowers and small vegetables. 

 The ZipGarden features a modular design that includes a water reservoir, a nutrient pump, a growing tray, and an adjustable LED grow light. The water reservoir holds the nutrient-rich water, while the nutrient pump ensures a constant flow of nutrients to the plants’ roots, promoting optimal growth. 

 The adjustable LED grow lights provide the perfect light spectrum for each stage of plant growth, ensuring healthy development from seedling to harvest. 

 With its user-friendly interface and automated features, the ZipGarden simplifies the process of indoor gardening. The system is easy to set up and maintain, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners. 

 The ZipGarden allows you to take control of your gardening experience by monitoring water levels, adjusting nutrient concentration and customizing the lighting schedule to suit your plant’s specific needs. Experience the benefits of indoor gardening with the ZipGarden, where simplicity meets success. 

Every ZipGarden™ is shipped right to your door and includes:

  • ZipGarden™ Cabinet
  • 3 x 4’ ZipGrow™ Towers with Matrix Media and Wicking Strips
  • Mini Nursery Seedling Station capable of growing 24 seedlings
  • Built-in Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights
  • Aerated Reservoir and Circulating Pump
  • Miscellaneous Hardware (Screws etc.)
  • 2 months of consumables (monthly consumables are available to re-order here.)

Some Assembly is Required. Dimensions: 26.5′ (W) x 18″(L) x 73″ (H), Shipping Weight: 129lbs

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