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Thousands of people dream of starting a farm only to discard the idea because it is too far fetched.

The burgeoning field of local agriculture is seeded with weeds among the fruitful ideas, and sadly, it’s the sci-fi-esque “farming skyscrapers”, the floating city farms, and the inefficient stacking techniques that end up on the front page.

Eventually, these concepts have to face practical judgement, and one way or another, they fail. It’s time for the weeds to get pulled, and for the field of vertical farming and modern urban agriculture to stretch to it’s true potential.

Which is why I’m going to let you in on a secret: modern farming can be done- if it’s done right.

That’s why we’ve built a start-to-finish learning program called Upstart University.

Upstart U is designed to bring you from an aspiring grower to a real, live, farm-managing, produce-selling, modern farmer.

Upstart U is composed of a growing list of over 30 courses which range from the basics of growing techniques, to business and financial planning, to approaching and ruling your markets.

Our content, video, and teaching teams here have been working overtime to get Upstart University all ready for new students.

As a team, we’ve committed to delivering that material and working with students as they learn to make sure that they have everything they need to be inspired, empowered, and equipped.

We’d love to have you at Upstart U, and are accepting students now.

Of course, Upstart University isn’t just for anyone. Upstart U isn’t for you if:

  • You think farming will be easy work
  • You aren’t dedicated to your values
  • You’re unwilling to consider new ideas
  • You hate change

If you are realistic about hard work, are committed to your values and willing to consider changes, then here’s what you could expect with Upstart University.

Upstart University is organized by courses and lessons

Upstart U consists of over 30 courses. New courses, webinars, deals, and resources are added every month. Initial courses introduce students to growing techniques and business planning, and walk them through creating a vision, mission statement, timeline, and more. Courses continue to grow more advanced, and are designed to draw each student through the process of planning, building, then operating their farm business.


Engagement is key!

The team here desires each student to be an active member of the Upstart farming community. We ask students to participate in forum events and share ideas, as well as provide exclusive opportunities to participate in live online events like #UpstartWebinars.

Your fellow students will someday be your fellow farmers, and we’ve seen firsthand the benefits that come from Upstart Farmer collaboration.


Why isn’t it free?

Let me be totally honest with you. We want buy-in. We’ve seen that when we charge for things people actually use them, respect them and engage with the process.

Our goal is not to make money on Upstart University (We won’t.) Our goal is to have you engage, and if we need to charge a nominal fee to encourage you to do that, that’s what we’ll do.

That being said, our goal here is to break down obstacles for Upstart Farmers, not create them, so we’ve kept pricing as low as possible without compromising those two goals. 

If you think you could be part of the Upstart Farming movement, join Upstart University today . and become one of nearly 1,000 active students improving the food sytem.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

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