Welcome Amaryllis Garden Greens, New Upstart Farmer!

Anne Marie Blinco is a new Upstart Farmer who has big plans and big potential.

Anne Marie is located in the heart of Milton, Ontario Canada. She’s excited by the prospect of growing fresh and welcoming greens regardless of temperatures, which range from -10 to 100+ degrees.

It’s clear to us that Anne Marie’s motivation isn’t money, but rather the opportunity to develop and keep relationships with her community and to do fulfilling work that will have a positive domino effect on others.

“I have created Amaryllis to become a part of the solution of sustainable urban farming. After a career in shift work, it was time to change, from paramedic to farmer.

“It is time for me to give back. I will earn a living and share my livings. It excited me to create the programs I have, through creating my ‘sponsor a youth’ program, I have engaged my customers, made them feel good about buying my greens, not only because my greens are fantastic, but because my customers want to be a part of change and community. Together we are creating social change through food. ”

Anne Marie’s Farm, Amaryllis Garden Greens, is a Freight Farm (an acre worth of farming in a regular freight container, or 320 cubic feet) outfitted with ZipGrow Towers.

 The freight container that holds Amaryllis is outfitted with high density equipment and technology to give crops the perfect environment for growing.

“The arrival of my freight farm has sparked an interest into our food system, how it’s produced, [and] where it comes from. What is local really? My customers want local- real local. They want to know who is growing the food they are eating, they want to become more conscious, want a leader. ”

Having raised four sons and been involved in sports her whole life, Anne Marie understands what a positive impact sports can have on the development of young world citizens. As part of her efforts to grow local food, Blinco is using some of Amaryllis’ profits to sponsor young athletes who would otherwise not be able to compete.

Anne Marie’s first market is going to be selling to CrossFit gyms. She will have a CSA-style service where CrossFit members can sign up for greens and pick up their order after their workout. She plans on using live sales to sell at a farmer’s market next year.

We think that Amaryllis Garden Greens and Anne Marie’s genuine passion are excellent additions to the Upstart Farmers! We can’t wait to see what Anne Marie accomplishes in her community and beyond!

Learn more about Amaryllis on her Upstart Farmer page.

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