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Polarity & Nutrient Uptake

Polarity & Nutrient Uptake

Dry nutrients are salt based. In chemical terms a salt is an assembly of ions with a net neutral charge. All ions have a charge by virtue of their electrons and protons not being in perfect equilibrium. Negative ions are called anions and have one or more extra...



About the Farmer: Christian Gerig Since graduating from the Business Administration program, Christian Gerig has worked as an entrepreneur. He began his career in the timber sector, where he spent several years. Christian became increasingly interested in the...

What To Look For in a Hydroponic Growing Medium

What To Look For in a Hydroponic Growing Medium

Obviously, the type of hydroponic growing medium you'll choose depends on your crop, method, and purposes. To make that decision, however, you'll be comparing the characteristics of different types of media. Some terms can be pretty meaningless or confusing,...

Good Bug Bad Bug – A Point on Prevention

Good Bug Bad Bug – A Point on Prevention

Whether you are growing vertically, horizontally, indoors, or in a greenhouse, pests are a real concern for your crop. No matter where you are in the world, there are insects that will feed on your plants (Even in Antarctica! Check out Belgica antarctica @...


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