Opportunities for Growth. Sustainability Jobs in Canada.

Join our unified team and help fight global food security through hydroponic farming technology and education.

At ZipGrow we are a mission-driven company empowering people everywhere to take part in a more delicious and more sustainable food system. We help home growers, entrepreneurs, and educational centers to combat food security by providing vertical hydroponic equipment and the tools necessary to maximize yields and become an educated hydroponic grower.

Our Company Culture.

Are you ZipGrow material?

The team at ZipGrow values hard work, innovation, self-motivation, and passion. We’re completely committed to our vision; to our farmers, our community, and to being a catalyst for change.

We don’t forget to laugh, but we always remember to break a sweat. We’re caffeinated, we’re passionate, and we’re looking for someone to join the crew and be a part of something big.

Freedom and autonomy go hand in hand at ZipGrow. We have taken on the challenge to fundamentally shift the way we grow food because we want to make a difference. We’re leaving a mark on the world, and we are proud of the impact we are making. ZipGrow offers excellent opportunities for those seeking a career in industries that support sustainability and food security.

Our current openings are below.
If there is nothing listed, but you think you would be a good fit for our team, please submit your resume as we are always on the lookout for good talent!

We are Hiring

We are looking for a highly motivated individual to join our team as our

Assistant Grower

Assist with day-to-day operations of our research farm in Cornwall, Ontario.

Supply Chain Manager

This position will be in charge of ensuring our supply chain and logistics operations function properly, from purchasing raw materials to production, and outbound shipping. 

Warehouse Coordinator

This position will be in charge of keeping our Cornwall warehouse in order; receiving and maintaining inventory, coordinating shipping and distribution, and ensuring everything is well run and organized.

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Sustainability Jobs in Canada.

Benefits of working for a company that focuses on sustainability.

Make a difference in people’s lives.

When you work for ZipGrow, you are working towards the unified goal of combating food security and to provide equal access to fresh sustainable produce. ZipGrow farmers are making a difference in their communities on a daily basis, and this all starts with our team in Cornwall.

A sense of pride day in and day out.

You can take pride in knowing that your daily work will have an impact on future generations. Whether you help create educational resources for our farmers, or help engineer hydroponic growing systems, your work matters.

Aligned personal & company values.

Working for a business with values that align with your personal ones makes your life at work easier. It makes going that extra mile enjoyable knowing the people around you and the company as a whole have the ultimate goal to drive positive change.

Our Company Culture.

Living and working in Cornwall, Ontario.

ZipGrow Inc. is located in the heart of Cornwall, Ontario. Cornwall is one of the largest cities in Eastern Ontario and is known for its forward-thinking companies. Located along the St. Lawrence River, surrounded by wilderness, Cornwall is the perfect place for a sustainability-focused company like ZipGrow.

Numerous parks and recreational facilities also make Cornwall the perfect place to raise a family. Centrally located between Montreal, Ottawa, and Kingston, you can take advantage of big city amenities only a short drive away.

Learn more about how ZipGrow is making a difference.

If you want to learn more about our impact on sustainability and how our farmers make a difference, read our “In The Farm” stories. Find out why they farm, the farming systems they use and the communities they live in!