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Media Articles

Published: May, 2024

Education One’s Innovation in the Classroom Grant takes root with sustainable education

“The Portage School of Leaders in South Bend, Indiana secured a Classroom Grant to purchase ZipGrow equipment. …”
Published: November 2023

Stacked “Vertical” Farming Doesn’t Stack Up

““Indoor farming” is an umbrella term for many different farming technologies, with very different characteristics. Indoor far…”
Published: July 2023

At-Home Hydroponics: Disney World Installs ZipGrow Hydroponic System in Living with the Land Attraction at EPCOT

“While visiting EPCOT today, we decided to ride the Living with the Land attraction in The Land Pavilion. Living with the Land…”
Published: June 2023

ZipGrow: Redefining Growing Through Hydroponics

“Hydroponics is a form of agricultural technology that grows plants without using soil. Instead, plants are grown in nutrient-…”
Published: June 2023

This Company is Growing Vegetables in Office Farms across London

“Go to work, check your emails, make a coffee, dip into a meeting, check more emails, go on a veg harvest….yes for some lucky …”
newsweek picture of ZipFarm
Published: May 2023

Eric LangPresident & Co-founderZipGrow Inc.

“ZipGrow is one of many vertical farming companies operating in North America. What is the unique value proposition that diffe…”

Farmer Articles

Westword article screenshot about on site vertical hydroponic farm on site
Published: May 2023

Market and Eatery With On-Site Vertical Hydroponic Farm Is Coming to RiNo This Summer

“Orange Thyme, Black Magic kale, Pomegranate Crunch romaine. These aren’t your typical grocery store herbs and greens. “My fav…”
Published: February 2023

Fit To Eat S3E13 Scott Neary

“What does a farm look like? Do you have some kind of greeting card image in mind, with a soft focus, just a bit of mist, a fe…”
article on copy-pasting 150m2-farms domestically as size and crops are profitable
Published: February 2023

US (VA): “Copy-pasting 150m2-farms domestically as size and crops are profitable”

“”I’m probably still supplying the most expensive basil in the area, but it’s simply the best you can get around here. Though,…”
CBC news article
Published: January 2023

Idle cannabis production facility could take big bite out of N.L. food insecurity, says indoor farmer

“‘We could produce a huge, staggering amount of food in that facility,’ says CEO of hydroponic farming company…”
VerticalFarm daily article on Hong Kong bicycle shop
Published: December, 2022

Hong Kong: Abandoned bicycle workshop turned vertical farm

“”Not only can vertical farming produce food more efficiently, but connecting the community to agriculture is very important. …”
ottawa business journal
Published: September 2022

Cashing in on cashews: How one entrepreneur kept her zen in a crowded vegan marketplace

“In 2010, Lynda Turner decided to transition from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. Only problem was, she particularly missed chee…”