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Media Articles

Published: January 2023

So what’s the scoop on the lack of lettuce?

“Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you would have seen that we have a lettuce problem in North…”
Published: January 2023

Plant pathogens – fundamentals for indoor growers

“Worldwide crop loss is estimated annually to be USD 220 billion or 14.1% of crop loss due to plant disease. Crop loss can be …”
Published: January 2023

Shedding Light on Diffused Glass Vs Clear Glass – Greenhouse

“Traditionally, most glass is produced as ‘clear glass’ – a staple in the growing industry for decades. Diffused glass can als…”
Published: January 2023

Learning Exponentially

“WILLIAMSTOWN – Char-Lan District High School in Williamstown has been selected as one of two Upper Canada District schools to…”
Published: December, 2022

Growing next-gen indoor farmers

“Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a technology-based approach to food production using hydroponic growing methods i…”
Published: November 2022

Changing the Future of Food – 35 Surprising Things Made and Built in Eastern Ontario

“(P12-13) Cornwall’s ZipGrow is all about empowerment. Their mission is to change the future of food, and they’re doing so…”

Farmer Articles

Published: January 2023

Idle cannabis production facility could take big bite out of N.L. food insecurity, says indoor farmer

“‘We could produce a huge, staggering amount of food in that facility,’ says CEO of hydroponic farming company…”
Published: December, 2022

Hong Kong: Abandoned bicycle workshop turned vertical farm

“”Not only can vertical farming produce food more efficiently, but connecting the community to agriculture is very important. …”
Published: September 2022

Cashing in on cashews: How one entrepreneur kept her zen in a crowded vegan marketplace

“In 2010, Lynda Turner decided to transition from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. Only problem was, she particularly missed chee…”
Published: September, 2022

“It’s not a mirage; it’s a bougie farm”

“Along the California River, where the lowland desert meets the California sun, lies the community of Lake Havasu, Arizona. Kn…”
Published: August 2022

Kindergarten hydroponics: Little hands, big teachings

“Did you know that chewing basil can freshen bad breath? Well, the children at Williamtown Public School do, and they learned…”
Published: August 2022

Agriculture reloaded: Edelweiss & Co from the indoor farm

“The future is growing at Pinkfarm. Herbs, plants and flowers such as chili, arnica or rosemary for the food, pharmaceutical a…”