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Visit our resource centre for high-quality informative content that highlights the power of local food, small business and sustainability.

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Visit our grow guides and manuals section of the website to download in-depth step-by-step guides on growing basics, lighting, towers and more!

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We are recognizing our farmers and how they impact communities around the world by telling their stories. Some farmers are non-profit in remote communities and others are for-profit in dense urban environments.

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ZipGrow hydroponic farming training is the best way to increase your farming knowledge. Our master growers have decades of experience growing across the globe. Learn from the best for a fraction of the price!

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Become a skilled hydroponic grower on your own time with UpStart Univeristy. Where you can access comprehensive guides, ebooks and PDF Courses.

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We have spent almost a decade creating helpful content curated for entrepreneurs like yourself. We have all the resources you need to confidently try something new or perfect your craft.

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