Discover the Value of Hydroponic Classroom Gardens

The ZipGarden Curriculum Bundle

The ZipGarden curriculum bundle offers real-life learning within the classroom walls. It’s hands-on fun and incredible STEM solution that primary grade educators can introduce into daily teachings.

The bundle includes:
kale, basil and lettuce growing in a ZipGarden in a classroom

Growing System

Complete with growing media and wicking strips for each Tower
flexiplugs, nursery and A&B nutrients

One Year Supply
of Consumables

Grow Plugs and Nutrients

picture of multiple wicking strips

Three Additional
Wicking Strips

To rotate for cleaning between harvests

the farmer in the classroom - curriculum book

Complete Primary

Digital, 86 pages

the farmer in the classroom book page

Story Book

Digital Format, 

Compliments Curriculum

Upstart University website

UpStart University

1 Login for 1 year

Digital Resource Kit

Best Crops Guides, Operational Videos, and more…

A Complete System and Curriculum in One!

ZipGrow™ technology is used for vertical farms across the globe. We believe in allowing everyone to learn the importance of farming hydroponically and how it can create a sustainable way of growing food.

Curriculum Workbook & Storybook

Children will be excited to follow the journey of Bridget, Keith, and their classmates as they discover hydroponics and soilless growing. Lessons complement the ZipGarden hydroponic growing wall that is so simple to use that even a primary student can use it, and they do!

cover pages of the curriculum and story book
clips of what is the mini quiz

Storytelling, Project Pages, Experiments, Quizzes, and Discussions

Integrating STEM teaching, including relating science and technology to our changing world, coding, and emerging technologies, investigation and communication skills, and more…

We’ve simplified hydroponics for educators

Provides an inclusive way for youth to participate in projects encouraging them to think outside the box and preparing them for problem-solving.

Students benefit from the curricular connections, including quantifying data, food drives, sustainability, cooking & hospitality and economics, plant science, and more…

Educating children at a young age about future food systems gives them the tools & encouragement they need to grow their own food sustainably.

Provides opportunities for children to learn as they explore, discover, create, improvise, test theories, and imagine.

Students develop transferable skills that they need to meet the demands of today’s global economy and better prepare them for jobs and careers of the future.

Curriculum Bundle

Discover the Value of Hydroponic Classroom Gardens
3 students with a tower of basil