ZipGrow™ Farmers

This is a list of some of our farmers using ZipGrow™ technology.


Montreal, QC, Canada

Alaska Seeds of Change

Anchorage, AK, USA

Cunningham Restaurant Group

Indianapolis, IN, USA

D.C. Everest Schools

Schofield, WI, USA

Dragon City Farms

Dallas, TX, USA

Farm Girl Greens

Auburn, NY, USA

Farm Urban

Liverpool, UK

Local Leaf Farms

Barrie, ON, Canada


Molsheim, France

Operation Grow

Midland, ON, Canada

Profound Microfarms

Lucas, TX, USA

Reinventing The Weal

Amarillo, TX, USA

Square Mile Farm

London, UK

3 Guys Greens

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Upgrown Farming Company

Citipoint Industrial Complex, Singapore

Veggie Bloom

Monterrey, NL, Mexico

Square Roots

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Grand Rapids, MI, USA


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