Agricultural Financing in an Evolving Globalized Marketplace.

Who should sponsor a deal with Harvest Returns?

Harvest Returns understands American farmers and ranchers need every cutting edge they can get today, on the production side and on the finance side. Increasingly, they’re competing not just with the farm in the next state and county, but with farms in emerging countries. The agricultural industry, especially producers, must evolve to fit with today’s globalized marketplace, and Harvest Returns is here to help.

Experienced farmers and indoor growers interested in expanding their operations or acquiring new land.
Young farmers who have trouble getting traditional ag credit and want to start their own indoor farm or buy out siblings on a multi-generational farm. 

Dragon City Farms

Dallas, TX, USA

Yellow Hammer Farms

Birmingham, AL USA

Join ZipGrow™ Farmers who have successfully funded capital projects with Harvest Returns.

Capital Raise Process For Producers.

The use of equity partners in crowdfunding is an alternate way to finance an operation. In crowdfunding, an equity partnership generally consists of a general partner (GP), or an active investor, and limited partners (LP), or passive investors. The GP makes all the decisions on operating an investment while the LPs simply invest money passively and collect returns from harvests or rents. Simply put, the farmers and ranch- ers are the GP who keeps the operation running however they choose, while the investors are the LPs who have no say in the operation, and help bring capital to the farm or ranch and receive returns from harvests. Harvest Returns has helped specialty producers from around the world raise more than $10 million.

1) Application

Please find the application form here on the Harvest returns website. Harvest Returns Application Form. The form requests general information about your project and how the funds will be utilized.

2) Due Diligence.

If your project meets our requirements, we will request additional documents to learn more about your project. A clear and trans- parent business plan coupled with orga- nized and complete financial projections are the best starting point.

3) Listing Agreement.

The agreement lays out the terms of the crowdfunding raise and what you can expect from the process as far as time, effort, and costs to you.

4) Live On Platform.

After the project is set up and ready for investors, it goes live on the platform to accept investments from qualified investors. Harvest Returns will work to help you maximize the chances of a successful raise and maintain compliance with U.S. Securities regulations.

5) Close Raise & Receive Funds.

You will receive the funds after the raise has successfully closed. You will work with Harvest Returns over the course of the operation to keep investors updated provide financial statements and tax documents, and make investor distributions.

Harvest Returns.