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Beginners Guide to Troubleshooting Microgreens Ebook

Microgreens may sound and seem easy to grow, but like anything else, you may experience a few issues along the way. This E-book helps you troubleshoot and solve those issues to get you growing beautiful microgreens quickly.

This E-book includes the following answers and troubleshooting tips:

  • My microgreens are growing fungus
  • What is the difference between microgreen seeds and normal seeds?
  • My microgreens are germinating unevenly
  • Do I need a nutrient mix?
  • My microgreens are becoming chlorotic
  • My microgreens have turned purple, and I don’t think they were supposed to
  • How long do I grow microgreens?
  • Can I harvest multiple times?
  • My harvest isn’t good or my microgreens take a long time
  • How do I know my microgreens are ready to harvest?
  • My microgreens are turning brown at the tips
  • Did I just grow sprouts or microgreens? How do I know?
  • How many micromoles of light do I need

Download this PDF to accompany the “How to Sell Microgreens” and “Microgreens Quick Guide” E-books for a perfect setup and be fully prepared for an immensely successful microgreens system!

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