The learning curve of aquaponics is littered with the remains of failed aquaponic ventures and millions of dollars in lost investments.

This free e-book acts as a guide for beginning aquaponic growers who are interested in minimizing their mistakes so they can operate a successful aquaponic system- whether commercial or hobby.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The cost of designing a hard-to-use system
  • The 3 important elements of a successful aquaponics system
  • How to not underestimate your production costs
  • Why it’s crucial you don’t confuse biological viability with economic viability 

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Is this ebook right for me?

Because let’s face it, we learn a heck of a lot more through our mistakes and failures than we do through our successes. And, the most successful farmers see mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve their farms.
I encourage you to learn from these mistakes and keep them in mind when starting or scaling your own aquaponics system. Doing so will save you a lot of heartache and/or financial despair associated with these 10 mistakes.

A Note From Dr. Nate Storey:

“This ebook details out all the mistakes and mishaps I have personally encountered time and time again with my own systems and those of other aquaponic growers. I invite you to learn from these mistakes in order to shorten your own aquaponic learning curve and ultimately create a healthy, successful system that performs the way you want it to.”