Fable: From Farm to Table – Welcome a New Upstart Farmer!

It all started with an avocado.

Tired of the mysterious, wilted produce typical of the produce aisle in chain grocery stores, Tom Deacon, a film editor in New York, started rooting out avocado pits on a whim. A few months later he had a fleet of young avocado trees growing in the dead of winter, and an idea began to grow.

At the same time, farm-to-table restaurants began to shine brighter and brighter as beacons of transparency, and soon the mass-produced grocery store produce had taken on a drab tone that Tom could not justify. His standards called for action, so he registered Fable: From Farm to Table as a business name, and suddenly, he was a farmer.

Since then, Tom Deacon has built two greenhouses, made connections with a handful of enthusiastic restaurants, and started experimenting with over a dozen different crops. As Fable Foods launches itself into business, two standards – those of quality and transparency – spurred by Tom’s initial idea hold the business to its goals:

“At Fable we believe the customer deserves the freshest and most nutritious produce possible. By growing locally and without the use of harmful pesticides, we believe we can change the unfortunate trend of customers receiving wilted, nutrient-lacking, pesticide-ridden produce. We are also working with several grocery stores to try and bring a live ‘Cut-Your-Own’ model of herbs and leafy greens to stores around the area. There is no better way to deliver fresh produce than that.”

Fable: From Farm to Table will also be conducting tours so that restaurants, students, and curious visitors can see exactly how their food is grown.

“We are currently providing tours of our greenhouse where we teach visitors and school children about agriculture and hydroponics. We also look forward to partnering with local restaurants and chefs to produce ‘exotic’ crops that are not commonly found in the nearby area. This will expand menu offerings at local restaurants and provide customers with new, interesting, and healthy meal options.

“By allowing customers to come and visit our farm they can truly know where their produce comes from and how important a clean, safe, and healthy environment is to our society. By increasing this awareness and delivering healthy and nutritious produce, we believe we can have a positive impact on our community and environment.”

There’s no doubt that Fable is going to impact the food culture in their area as a new Upstart Farmer.

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