Workplace wellness; Bringing the outside in.

What if while we are spending time inside at work, we could also stay connected with nature? 

Over the last few years, mental health has become the most common focus of well-being activity. Human resource departments and senior leaders have employee psychological and physical wellness on their agendas…or if they don’t, they should!

Organizations can take a positive and proactive approach to include tangible initiatives that value health and wellness while prioritizing a green environment.

One way of doing this is through biophilic design – biophilia.

So, what is biophilia?

Biophilic design translates literally to “love of life”.

The term “biophilia” was popularized by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm in the 1960s. He used biophilia (bio, ‘life’ and philia, ‘friendly feeling toward’) to describe the biological drive toward self-preservation.

This is not just some fancy term for people who prefer the outdoors; it is a human’s primal tendency to seek connections with nature that we evolved with. Humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

Biophilic design incorporates natural elements and maximizes daylight, views of nature, and natural materials. It can also include features such as water fountains, indoor plants, and living walls.

If you’ve ever worked in a basement or an office with no windows or natural light and wondered why you felt unmotivated, you’ll relate to how important biophilic design is.

It affects three of our mind-body systems: 

🌿 physiological (eg. reduces anxiety)

🌿 psychological (eg. reduces anger and fear) 

🌿 cognitive functions (eg. improves creativity and boosts mood)

It’s been proven through many studies and research that natural environments drive positive effects and creates more productivity. It’s not a new concept in the design and architecture profession, but more recently is making its way into everyday spaces and social media scrolls.


Biophilia is an emerging trend in workplace design through  live plants and living walls.

At ZipGrow Inc., we’ve developed an innovation that makes it simple for businesses to blend beauty with sustainability and functionality in the form of a small living wall. 

The ZipGarden 

The elegance of its sleek and simple design harmonizes with modern workplaces while offering the benefits of an edible living wall. 

Primarily developed to support food security and grow fresh food fast, we’ve found that the ZipGarden works well in office spaces and communal settings due to its small footprint and ease of use. It’s a space to connect with nature and each other.

Many large global businesses, like Apple and Google, already have renowned office environments that promote good overall health, but now it’s possible to recreate this on a smaller, more affordable scale too!

Nature, nurture.

While working from home during the pandemic, there has been a surge in people looking to manage positive mental health through nature. They have tended gardens, spent more time in parks and green spaces, and leaned into natural environments to boost overall happiness and satisfaction.

The human brain responds favorably to signs of nature and triggers how we think, act, and feel. Even a simple change to incorporate nature into the workplace can positively affect how employees respond when they come to work and promote enthusiasm and motivation. 

By introducing living walls into the workplace, employers are not only creating a more harmonious environment for staff but also providing an inclusive space that increases social interaction and workplace relationships. 

Living furniture like the ZipGarden™ delivers the visual benefits of nature, providing a natural space to commercial interiors, big or small. Growing hydroponically is kinder to the environment too, and uses up to 90% less water than traditional soil-based growing.

Some lettuce for your lunch break? – yes, please!

Who doesn’t love a more positive and pleasant work space with flowers, live plants, and improved indoor air quality? 

When incorporated into the workplace, biophilic design inspires, supports, and energizes the workforce. Something we could all benefit from.

ZipGarden Images credit- Mellow Brew Marketing, Cornwall Ontario

Want to learn more about the ZipGarden™ and how it works. Watch our YouTube video:

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