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Dry FlexiPlugs

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Dry FlexiPlug growing media is a substrate for starting seeds and propagating plants. It provides excellent moisture retention and aeration, promoting healthy root development. This lightweight and easy-to-use media ensures successful germination and transplanting in hydroponics.

Ships to North America Only.

Product Details

Dry FlexiPlug growing media consists of lightweight and porous plugs that provide an ideal environment for root development. These plugs are made from a blend of high-quality materials that ensure excellent water retention and aeration. 

The dry FlexiPlug media offers exceptional moisture distribution throughout the plug, preventing overwatering and waterlogged roots. At the same time, the porous structure promotes efficient oxygenation, allowing roots to breathe and develop healthily. 

This growing media is easy to use and suitable for a variety of applications, including hydroponic systems, propagation trays and seedling trays. The plugs fit snugly, securing the seeds or cutting in place and providing stability during the early stages of growth. 

The media is compatible with different growing techniques, such as ebb and flow, aeroponics and traditional soil-based gardening.

The lightweight nature of FlexiPlugs facilitates easy handling and transportation, reducing the risk of damage during transplanting or repositioning. Additionally, the compact size of the plugs optimizes space usage allowing for more plants in a limited area. 

■ FlexiPlugs arrive pre-moistened. Add water only if needed.

■ Mist seeds/water in cuttings. Plugs should be moist to the touch, not wet.

■ Watering requirements will change based on type of plant and the growing

environment. Monitor as needed. FlexiPlugs have excellent water retention

characteristics so be sure not to overwater. Before transplanting out of trays, dry

plugs down for easy removal.



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