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Upstart university kit

ZipGarden™ Curriculum Bundle

USD 1,800.00 (USD)

2 flexiplugs

Dry FlexiPlugs

USD 41.99USD 199.99 (USD) or subscribe and save 10%

mock up photo of flexiplugs


USD 37.99USD 157.99 (USD) or subscribe and save 10%

A ZipGrow™ Wicking Strip on a concrete floor.

ZipGrow™ Wicking Strip

USD 0.99USD 447.75 (USD)

Media Pulling Hook for ZipGrow Towers laying on the floor.

ZipGrow™ Media Pulling Hook

USD 29.99 (USD)

ZipGrow's Matrix Media sitting on a floor

ZipGrow™ EZ Pull Matrix Media Replacement

USD 19.99USD 103.96 (USD)

A mock up photo of the ZipGrow™ Education Rack

ZipGrow™ Education Rack

USD 3,999.99USD 4,999.99 (USD)

a wooden, and white ZipGarden™ unit full of plants.


USD 1,399.00 (USD)

Seedling Starter Kit including a seedling tray and flexiplugs on the floor.

Seedling Starter Kit

USD 29.99 (USD)

a mock up photo of a seedling plug tray

Seedling Plug Tray for FlexiPlugs

USD 2.99USD 35.88 (USD)

Black Mesh Tray sitting on the ground

Hydroponic Mesh Tray

USD 2.69USD 32.28 (USD)

top view of low-rise flood table

Low Rise Flood Table 2 Feet x 4 Feet

USD 69.99USD 419.00 (USD)

Product Photo of LED light

LED Strip Light 48″

USD 99.99 (USD)

mock-up photo of a 4 tower farm wall.

Home Grower Kit

USD 999.00 (USD)

Black Drip Tray sitting on the ground

Germination Flat

USD 2.99USD 35.88 (USD)

Photo of Farm Wall LED light kit on a 4-Tower Farm Wall.

Farm Wall™ LED Light Kit

USD 215.00USD 860.00 (USD)

Seedling Starter Kit including a seedling tray and flexiplugs on the floor.

Complete Seedling Kit

USD 99.99 (USD)

ZipGrow FarmWall growing plants outside.

8-Tower Farm Wall™

USD 999.99USD 1,859.99 (USD)

5′ ZipGrow™ Tower (4-Pack)

USD 290.00USD 294.00 (USD)

5′ ZipGrow™ Tower

USD 74.99USD 75.99 (USD)

mock up of an 4-Tower Farm Wall

4-Tower Farm Wall™

USD 699.99USD 1,129.99 (USD)

A 2-Tower Farm Wall up against a green wall.

2-Tower Farm Wall™

USD 499.99USD 714.99 (USD)