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Matrix Media and Wicking Strip Replacement Pack for the ZipGarden™

USD 39.99 (USD)

The Matrix Media and Wicking Strip replacement pack or the ZipGarden™ is the perfect solution for refreshing your ZipGarden™ system. With 3 strips of Matrix Media and 3 strips of Wicking Strips, you can ensure optimal water distribution and plant growth in your hydroponic setup.

Product Details

The Matrix Media and Wicking Strip replacement pack is designed specifically for the ZipGarden™, providing you with everything you need to maintain efficient water distribution and plant growth in your hydroponic system. This pack includes 3 strips of Matrix Media and 3 Strips of wicking Strips. 

The Media strips are specially engineered to provide excellent water retention and aeration for your plants’ root. Made from high-quality materials, these strips ensure that the plants receive the right amount of moisture and oxygen for healthy growth. The Matrix media also helps in preventing root rot and maintain a favorable environment for root development. 

The Wicking Strips play a crucial role in distributing water across the entire system. They provide a capillary action that draws water from the reservoir and delivers it to the matrix Media and plant roots. This promotes efficient nutrient uptake and ensures consistent moisture levels throughout the ZipGarden™. 

By replacing the matrix Media and wicking strips, you can maintain optimal performance and maximize the productivity of your ZipGarden™. The replacement process is quick and easy, allowing you to keep your hydroponic system running smoothly. 

Whether youre growing herbs, vegetables, or other plants, the Matrix Media and Wicking Strip replacement pack is an essential accessory for your ZipGarden™. It ensures proper water distribution, prevents dry spots and supports healthy root growth!

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