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Pargro QD Block | 4”X4”X4″ 6 / STRIP

USD 9.49 (USD)

Parago QD Block 4”X4”X4” 6 / strip is a premium rockwool growing medium designed for hydroponic and soilless cultivation. These convenient and versatile blocks provide excellent water retention and aeration, promoting healthy root development and optimal plant growth.

Product Details

Pargro QD block 4”x 4”x 4” 6 / strip is a superior rockwool growing medium that offers exceptional performance for hydroponic and soilless gardening. Each strip comprises six blocks, providing convenience and flexibility for various plant sizes and spacing requirements.

 These 4-inch by 4-inch blocks are made from high-quality rock wool, a fibrous material derived from molten basalt rock. The unique structure of rock wool allows for excellent water retention while maintaining optimal air porosity, ensuring that plant roots receive an ideal balance of moisture and oxygen.

 Pargro QD blocks feature a quick drainage (QD) design, facilitating efficient nutrient uptake and preventing waterlogging, which can lead to root rot and other problems. The blocks provide a stable and supportive medium for plant roots, promoting vigorous growth and healthy development. 

 With Pargro QD blocks, you can create a healthy and productive growing environment, maximizing the potential of your plants and ensuring a successful harvest. Elevate your gardening experience with this trusted versatile rock wool growing medium. 

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