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Peristaltic Pump – Single (120mL/min)

USD 250.00 (USD)

The peristaltic pump – single (120ml/min) is a reliable and efficient solution for precise liquid transfer. With its compact design and high flow rate, it is perfect for various applications. Powered by 24V DC, this pump ensures consistent performance and comes with durable components for long-lasting usage.

Product Details

This Peristaltic Pump offers exceptional performance and reliability for precise liquid transfer applications. Designed with efficiency in mind, this pump is capable of delivering a flow rate of 120/min, allowing for quick and accurate dispensing. 

Operating on 24V DC, the pump ensures consistent performance and can be easily integrated into existing systems or setups. Its pressure roller mechanism, featuring two hardened rollers and two release rollers, ensures smooth and reliable operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. 

With its robust construction, the pump is built to withstand demanding environments. The PP-made NPT fittings provide secure connections, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient fluid transfer. The ABS enclosure adds durability and protection, safeguarding the internal components from external factors.  

The Peristaltic Pump – single comes with a DC power wire that measures 200+1800mm in length, providing flexibility in installation. The auto grow rating label ensures compatibility with various systems, simplifying setup and configuration.

For easy integration, the pump features 0.25” in/out tubing, allowing for seamless connection to the desired liquid source destination. The standard-size tubing ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications and simplifies the setup process. 


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