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Uvonair Ozone Generator JR 1000

USD 229.89 (USD) or USD 206.90 (USD) / month for 6 months

The Uvonair Ozone Generator JR 1000 is a compact and powerful ozone generator designed for sanitizing grow rooms ranging from 1000 to 5000 cubic feet. This environmentally friendly device requires no maintenance and includes UvonairÒ Ozone Test Strips for easy monitoring.

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Product Details

The Uvonair Ozone Generator JR 1000 is a versatile and effective solution for maintaining a clean and sanitized environment in your grow room. With its compact size maintaining a clean and UV-protected polycarbonate body, it ensures maximum durability and longevity. 

This ozone generator is designed to work in rooms ranging from 1000 to 5000 cubic feet, making it suitable for a variety of grow room sizes. Despite its powerful sanitizing capabilities, it operates at low energy consumption, equivalent to less than 100-watt light bulb. This makes it an energy-efficient choice for growers. 

The Uvonair Ozone Generator JR 1000 is designed to perform effectively in areas with high humidity and a wide range of temperatures. Whether you’re dealing with hot and humid conditions or cooler environments, this ozone generator can adapt and sanitize the air efficiently. 

Transportability is made easy with its compact lightweight design. You can easily move and position the ozone generator wherever it’s needed in your grow room. 

One of the notable features of this ozone generator is its environmentally friendly operation. It creates no hazardous waste, making it a safe and sustainable choice for growers who prioritize eco-friendly practices. 

The UVONAIR OZONE GENERATOR JR 1000 comes with Uvonair Ozone Test Strips, allowing you to monitor the ozone levels and ensure effective sanitation. It also includes a full one-year warranty for peace of mind. 


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